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Four reasons to choose us


Professional manufacturer

01- Good cable, pure material!

Good cable, pure material

Cables refuse to recycle recycled materials, selection of ethylene high strength cross-linked insulation layer, high voltage resistance, corrosion resistance, good flame retardant performance, anti-breakdown.

02- Good cable, no eccentricity!

Good cable, no eccentricity

Zhongtian cable has accurate temperature control, fast production and uniform thickness. Adopts Swiss Zhongbach, layer by layer detection and integrity check, and the core rate is nearly 100%.

Attentive service

03- Good cable, low resistance!

Good cable, low resistance

The medium cable selects the large seamless oxygen-free copper rod directly mined in the mine as the raw material, which is more pure and oxygen-free copper, which reduces the power consumption in the transmission process, has higher conductivity and enhances the current load capacity.

04- Good cable, no hidden danger!

Good cable, no hidden danger

Shanghai Jiezhi cable testing equipment, all products to do voltage test, accurately find the resonance point of the cable, to ensure the product voltage resistance force uniform, eliminate hidden dangers.


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Sichuan Zhongtian Cable Co. Ltd

Sichuan Zhongtian Cable Co. Ltd

Zhongtian Cable Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise focusing on the RD, production and sales of wires and cables.The company has a group of high-quality scientific and technological elites dedicated to the production and research and development of cable products.The production range of products covers more than 1,000 type……

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Sichuan Zhongtian Cable Co. Ltd