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How to avoid wire and cable fire? Zhongtian cable online solution

Release time:2021-05-13 Author:admin

Zhongtian cable is a manufacturer of wire and cable production and sales. Our company has been engaged in the industry for many years and has a good reputation. In view of the wire and cable caused by fire accident this problem, the following small series to share with you its preventive measures, hurry to understand it.

What caused the fire? Overload can cause the connection in the circuit to overheat, thus accelerating the oxidation process. Oxidation produces a very thin oxide film, which is difficult to conduct electricity at the connection point. The oxide film increases the resistance between the contact points, leading to ignition and ignition. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent wire and cable overload! What should we do?

Zhongtian cable

1. In the process of line design, the site capacity should be accurately verified, the possibility of new capacity in the future should be fully considered, and the appropriate conductor type should be selected. Large capacity and thick wire should be selected. Circuit design and reasonable selection are the key steps to prevent overload. If the design is not properly selected, it will leave a congenital hidden danger that is difficult to rectify. Some small projects, small places, are not carefully designed and selected. It's very dangerous to choose and lay lines at will. When adding electrical appliances and equipment, the bearing capacity of the original line should be fully considered. If the original line does not meet the requirements, it should be redesigned and reconstructed.

2. The line shall be laid by qualified electricians according to relevant specifications. The laying conditions of the line directly affect the heat dissipation of the conductor. Generally speaking, the line laying should not pass through flammable and combustible materials and pile them up, which will lead to poor heat dissipation of conductor, heat accumulation, ignition of combustible materials around, and increase fire risk in case of overload; The lines laid in the decorative ceiling of public entertainment places shall be protected by steel pipes to separate the ceiling from the line. Even if there are molten beads, they will not fall under overload or short circuit, so as to avoid fire.

Zhongtian wire and cable

3. Strengthen the power management, avoid random wiring, and use the mobile socket carefully. Disorderly wiring, disorderly wiring and the use of mobile socket are actually adding electrical equipment and current to a certain line, which may cause overload. There are obviously more sockets in mobile sockets than fixed sockets on the wall. If too much electrical equipment is used in the mobile socket, the original circuit will not be able to withstand. Separate lines shall be set for high-power equipment and electrical appliances, and mobile socket shall not be used as wiring source.

4. Speed up the transformation of old lines and eliminate fire hazards. In old enterprises, old communities and other units, many lines have been aging beyond their service life due to their long service life. Even if the current carrying capacity of some lines is not large, the aging lines can not bear such current carrying capacity, and there is a risk of overload. Especially in the old community, the line has been aging, but with the improvement of people's living standards and the increase of household appliances, the power consumption is still increasing year by year, which is really making things worse. For the old lines, it is necessary to supervise and coordinate in time, promote the rectification as soon as possible, and eliminate the fire hazards.

The above are some measures to prevent wire and cable fire, more wonderful information, welcome to pay attention to the real-time update of antenna cable website information!