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Sichuan cable manufacturers share with you the common mistakes of wire laying!

Release time:2021-05-13 Author:admin

When the wire is installed, the correct laying is very important, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the cable, and even cause fire and other accidents! The following Sichuan cable manufacturers to share with you some of our common mistakes in the laying and installation, let's understand it.

1. There is no wiring diagram

Everyone needs to confirm whether the positions of all switch sockets are consistent with the design drawings and whether the numbers are correct. When making circuit planning, air conditioning power socket, kitchen power socket, toilet power socket, other power sockets and lighting power supply should be designed into the same circuit, so as to avoid short circuit of one circuit and affect all power consumption. However, it should be noted that the total capacity of each branch line should not exceed the total capacity of the incoming line.

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2. There is only one circuit

Not only the houses before, but also many houses now have the same situation, that is, there is only one circuit at home. Once any circuit is short circuited, the power consumption of the whole room will be paralyzed.

Suggestion: two to three lighting lines and three to four power sockets can be selected according to the use area. There are two or three air conditioning circuits in the kitchen and bathroom. One air conditioning circuit has more than two air conditioners. In this way, when one of the circuits fails, the other circuits can still supply power normally and will not bring too much impact on normal life.

3. Unclear color separation of wires

In the circuit transformation, we often see that "there is no specific requirement for the color of wire, as long as the color of live wire, zero wire and ground wire is separated." This kind of wire color can be used at will, and there will be potential safety hazards in the future use and maintenance process.

In order to facilitate drawing and save materials, blue line is used as live line and zero line. In the future maintenance, it is difficult for the maintenance master to find the live line and zero line, which brings inconvenience to the maintenance and easily causes construction safety accidents.

Suggestion: the color of wire is clearly specified in the equivalent code of electrical industry in China. Red is the color code of live wire, blue, green or black is the color code of zero wire, and yellow green line is the color code of ground wire. In a house to clearly distinguish color code, installation to use a unified color separation.

If there is no uniform color separation for the installed line, it is recommended to mark it on the left side of the line and clearly mark it on the circuit diagram for future inspection.

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4. Bend the cable duct directly at the bend

5. The wire is directly buried in the ground without casing

Some irresponsible construction workers directly buried the wires in the wall during construction, the wires were not covered with insulating tubes, and the wire joints were directly exposed, which easily caused potential safety hazards. In the future life, the wire is lack of protection, easy to be bitten by mice or damaged by the outside world, resulting in short circuit.

Suggestion: the wire laying specification is clear, the wire must be protected with insulating sleeve, and the joint shall not be exposed.

The above are the key points of wire laying. In the process of installation, these detailed measures can better avoid the danger at the source. More wire and cable content, welcome to pay attention to the website of Sichuan cable manufacturers, looking forward to your attention.