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Analysis of wire and cable industry development prospects and trends!

Release time:2021-05-14 Author:admin

With the development of society and economy, electricity has become an indispensable part of our life. What is the current market of wire and cable industry? What direction will the future be going in?

The wire and cable industry is the supporting industry of the motor equipment manufacturing industry, mainly used in home appliances, computers, intelligent office, industrial control equipment, automobile electronics, data server and new energy technology. Its market capacity mainly depends on the market size of downstream end products.

1. consumer electronics

Consumer electronics is one of the electronic components of the connecting circuit. As a supporting product of the whole consumer electronics manufacturing industry, it has developed rapidly in recent years and is in a good period of historical development. The data show that from 2017 to 2021, the consumer electronics market in China will continue to grow, and the overall market size is expected to reach 40billion yuan in 2021.

In the household appliances industry, the upgrading of household appliances has been following the pace of consumption upgrading. The demand for home appliances in China has been from "nothing to have" to "from low to high, from poor to excellent". The data show that in 2019, the sales volume of color TV in China's household appliances industry reached 134billion yuan, followed by refrigerators and air conditioning, respectively, 91.2 billion yuan and 40.3 billion yuan, with stable development of the market in the household appliance industry.

2. industrial control line

As an important connecting line of industrial control products, industrial control line can be called "blood vessel" of industrial control products. It not only ensures continuous working power, but also plays an important role in transmitting control commands and feedback signals. The data show that the scale of industrial control wire rod field in China is expected to exceed 2.5 billion yuan in 2021.

Industrial automation industry refers to the use of electronic, electrical, mechanical and software to realize industrial automation control, so that the production and manufacturing process of the factory is more automatic, controllable and visual. The industrial control system can complete the high-speed and high-precision production process by controlling the motor movement according to the set track and parameters. It is widely used in the field of large-scale standardization production process such as mechanical manufacturing.

Wire and cable

3. high frequency data line

High frequency data line is mainly used for the connection between high-speed computing and information transmission hardware carrier. Taking cloud computing as an example, the realization of its function needs a lot of hardware laid on the cloud server. The data show that the market scale of high frequency data wire rod has steadily increased, and it is expected that the market size will exceed 12billion yuan in 2021.

In the server industry, server is a computer system which provides specific application services for client computers in the network environment. It mainly completes the storage, transmission, processing and distribution of data, and is the core infrastructure of the network era. With the development of high-speed, large capacity and high-performance servers, the requirements of high-frequency data line anti-interference and consistency are also constantly upgrading. The development of server market will further promote the expansion of high frequency data line market.

4. automobile wire

With the transformation of traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle cables have higher added value than traditional vehicle cables, and will grow rapidly with the development of new energy vehicles. The data show that the new energy vehicle harness increased from 4.4 billion yuan to 8.4 billion yuan in 2017-2019, with a composite annual growth rate of 35%. It is expected to reach 11.2 billion yuan in 2020 and 14.8 billion yuan in 2021.

In the automotive electronics industry, automobile electronics is the combination of electronic information technology and automobile manufacturing technology. According to the influence on the driving performance of the vehicle, automobile electronics can be divided into body and electronic control system. The data show that the size of China's auto electronics market in 2017 is 54billion yuan, and it is expected that the market size will reach 889.4 billion yuan in 2021.

5. special electric wire

With the rapid development of various strategic emerging industries and high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the demand for wire rod with unique performance and structure suitable for various special places is increasing day by day. Special wires with fluoropolymer as insulation materials have excellent electrical, mechanical, weather resistance and flame retardant properties, and are widely used in aerospace, electronic communication, weapons and equipment, biochemistry, transportation energy and other fields.

At the same time, the following factors are also promoting the development of the cable industry:

1. the ability of independent innovation is constantly improved, and the high-end products are localized

In recent years, China's electronic circuit has made great progress in standards, processes, materials and equipment. The gap between the technology level and the international advanced level has gradually narrowed, and the ability of independent innovation has been gradually improved. In the future, a few domestic enterprises with core technology and independent innovation capability will gradually occupy the market share of international brands with the advantages of product technology, cost and localization, and the trend of import substitution will become more and more obvious.

Sichuan electric wire and cable manufacturer

2. application level will be improved continuously

The continuous iterative upgrading and technical progress of downstream products in high-end equipment manufacturing fields such as industrial automation and automobile industry have promoted the steady growth of the demand of electronic wire rod market. With the development of science and technology, the transformation of traditional industries, the rise of emerging industries and high-end manufacturing industries, the application level of electronic lines has been improved and the development prospect is broad.

3. the improvement of stability and environmental protection standards promotes the development of Technology

From the perspective of the technology development trend of the world wire and cable industry, the future development direction is precision, high temperature resistance, shielding, short circuit resistance and maintenance free. At present, the technical standards of wire and cable products are constantly upgraded, the specification design is more detailed, and the internal structure of the wires is complex and diverse. At the same time, in order to adapt to the increasingly complex use environment, the application range of cross-linked wire is wider than that of traditional insulation materials.

In conclusion, the future development prospects of wire and cable are broad, and will continue to develop to industry standardization, product quality and downstream market.

1. industry supervision is becoming more and more standardized

On May 7th, 2014, the general office of the State Council officially issued the notice of the general office of the State Council on printing and distributing the action plan for implementing the quality development outline in 2014, which clearly included the quality supervision of the wire and cable industry into the scope of "strengthening quality and safety supervision in key areas". This will further promote the improvement of the overall product quality in the market, promote the whole industry from low-tech products and vicious price competition to high-end precision quality and service competition, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

2. downstream industry has a broad market space

Wire and cable will be widely used in home appliances, communications, industrial manufacturing, automobile and other downstream industries. With the promotion of the 13th five year plan and other policies, the downstream market of the wire and cable industry is becoming more and more broad.

3. intelligent manufacturing brings opportunities for industrial technology upgrading

The implementation of downstream customer automation technology forces upstream production enterprises to improve their product technology level. In the process of continuous adaptation and learning, domestic wire rod enterprises will gradually improve their own intelligent production and lean management level to realize industrial upgrading.

4. the basic materials are rich in types and the quality is improved

The guideline for the development of new materials industry jointly issued by Ministry of industry and information technology and national development and Reform Commission clearly points out that by 2020, the trend of large-scale and agglomeration development of new material industry will be basically formed, and a supporting system of process equipment matching the development level of new material industry in China will be established. In the future, thanks to the rich specifications and the improvement of quality in the field of metal conductor processing, the enterprise will obtain a continuous stream of high-quality raw materials and promote the quality upgrading of electronic circuit products.

The above is the sharing of relevant contents of the wire and cable industry. Zhongtian cable has been committed to the development and progress of the industry, and insists on bringing high-quality products and services to the majority of customers, and we look forward to your attention.

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