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What about the water in the cable? How to prevent it?

Release time:2021-05-14 Author:admin

How to deal with the water in the process of using the cable? The following small series to share its treatment measures, I hope to help you!

1. Storage: both ends of the newly purchased power cable are sealed with plastic sealing sleeves, but after a period of use, the rest of the cable is wrapped with plastic paper and tied with ropes, so the sealing performance is not good. Over time, water vapor will seep into the cable.

Sichuan wire and cable

2. Cable laying: sometimes the cable head wrapped with plastic paper will be immersed in water to make water enter the cable; Sometimes the outer sheath will break when pulling out and threading.

3. After laying: the cable head is not made in time, causing the unsealed cable mouth to be exposed to air or even immersed in water for a long time, and a large amount of water vapor enters into the cable.

The effective measures to deal with the water in the cable are to prevent and reduce the water in the cable

1. The cable head shall seal the end of the sawn cable. No matter stacking or laying, special cable sealing sleeve shall be used to prevent moisture penetration.

Sichuan control cable

2. The cable head should be made in time after the wire is laid. Strengthen the management of cable head manufacturing technology. Once the cable is flooded, the cable head often fails earlier, so the well-made cable head can extend the whole life of the cable.

3. Several long cables in cable branch box, each about 3 km long. For this type of cable, in addition to the intermediate joint, one or two cable branch boxes are used. Once one of the cables is submerged, it will not spread to the other cables.

About the wire and cable water treatment measures and prevention skills to introduce here, you have learned it?

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