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N2XY/YJV LV Copper Power Cable

Release time:2021-05-15

Copper Core XLPE Insulated And PVC Sheathed Power Cable

Product Description:
This product is suitable for fixed installation in power distribution networks or industrial installations with a rated power frequency voltage of 0.6/1KV and below. Often used for overhead operations.
N2XY power cable has excellent thermo-mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties and chemical corrosion resistance. It also has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, and no drop restrictions. It is a novel cable widely used in urban power grids, mines and factories .
Cable insulation-cross-linked polyethylene is the use of chemical and physical methods to convert linear molecular structure of polyethylene into three-dimensional network structure of cross-linked polyethylene, thereby greatly improving the thermomechanical properties of polyethylene, thereby maintaining It has excellent electrical performance.
The maximum rated working temperature of XLPE insulated power cable conductor is 90℃, which is higher than PVC insulated and polyethylene insulated cables, so the current carrying capacity of the cable is further improved.

Cable structure:
-Solid or stranded bare copper conductor
-Comply with DIN VDE 0295 cl.1/cl.2, BS 6360 cl.1/cl.2 and IEC 60228 cl.1/cl.2
-XLPE insulation DIX3 category, follow VDE 0276-603/5G
-Color coding conforms to DIN VDE 0293 (HD 308)
-PVC filling
-PVC outer sheath DMV6 complies with HD 603.1

Number of cores:
Single core, 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, 5 cores, 3+1, 3+2, 4+1, pre-branch cables, etc.

Working temperature: The maximum rated working temperature of conductor is 90℃
Conductor short-circuit temperature: the highest temperature should not exceed 250℃, and the longest time should not exceed 5 seconds.
Installation and laying temperature: cable installation and laying temperature is not less than 0℃
Laying in the air: ambient temperature 40℃
Laying in soil: ambient temperature 25℃

Executive standard:
GB/T12706.2-2008 rated voltage 1KV (Um=1.2KV) to 35KV (Um=1.2KV) extruded insulated power cables and accessories
IEC60502-2:2005 rated voltage 1~30KV extruded insulated power cable and accessories
GB/T10438-2004 "Crosslinked PVC insulated wires and cables with rated voltages below 450/750"