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KVVP Shielded Control Cable (CU/PVC/PVC)

Release time:2021-05-15

Copper Core PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Braided Shielded Control Cable

KVVP control cables are used in occasions such as control and monitoring circuits and protection circuits for AC rated voltages of 450V/750V and below. Among them, shielded control cables are widely used in power plants and power stations due to their good shielding performance. The cables are laid in the city, cable trenches, pipelines, direct buried, vertical shafts and other fixed occasions that can withstand large mechanical pulls.

Conductor material: copper conductor, sub-(1 type single-strand conductor, 2 type 7 cross conductor)
Insulation material: PVC insulation plus digital code
Filling material: plastic filler
Shielding material: copper wire shield
Armoring material:/
Sheath material: PVC sheath
Rated voltage: 450/750V

Use characteristics:
1. The long-term allowable working temperature of the cable conductor is 70℃.
2. The laying temperature of the cable should not be lower than 0 ℃, and the recommended allowable bending radius: For cables without armor layer, it should not be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable. Cables with armored or copper tape shielding structure should not be less than 12 times the outer diameter of the cable. A flexible cable with a shielding layer structure should not be less than 6 times the outer diameter of the cable.

Performance characteristics
1. DC resistance: 20 ℃, 0.4mm copper wire, less than or equal to 148 Ω/ Km, 0.5mm copper wire, up to 95 Ω/ km。
2. Electrical strength of insulation: 1 min 1 kV between conductors will not break down conductors, 1 min 3 kV shielding will not break down.
3. Insulation resistance: each core wire is grounded with other core wires, and the control cable is more than 10000 M ω。 HYAT cable over 3000 m ω。 Km.
4. Working capacitance: average 52 ± 2nf/km5。 Far end crosstalk defense: the average combined power at 150kHz is greater than 69db / km. The control cable directly transmits the electric energy from the distribution point of the power system to the power connecting lines of various electrical equipment and appliances.