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2-Layer/3-Layer Tree Wire 15KV/25KV

Release time:2021-05-15

The tree wire is used for primary and secondary overhead distribution where limited space is available or desired for rights-of-way. Installed the same as bare conductors, however, covering is effective in preventing direct shorts and instantaneous flashovers with other objects. The close-proximity configuration minimizes the amount of space and hardware required for line installation, making it particularly useful in congested areas such as alleyways or tight corridors.

The tree wire is designed with concentrically stranded conductors - AAC (1350-H19) which are either compressed or compact depending on conductor size, available with AAAC or ACSR. The conductors can be covered with high-density track-resistant Polyethylene (HDTRPE) or track-resistant crosslinked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation to meet different applications.

Applicable conditions:
1. Long-term allowable working temperature of cable conductor: PVC and polyethylene insulation should not exceed 70℃; cross-linked polyethylene insulation should not exceed 90℃.
2. The laying temperature of the cable is not lower than -20℃.
3. The allowable bending radius of the cable: if the cable outer diameter (D) is less than 25mm, it should be no less than 4D; if the cable outer diameter (D) is 25mm and above, it should be no less than 6D.

15KV/25KV covered multi-layer tree wire meets or exceeds all applicable ICEA specifications and the following ASTM specifications

International: IEC 60502, IEC 60228
China: GB/T 12706.1-2008
Other standards such as BS,DIN and ICEA upon request