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Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable

Release time:2021-05-15

Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable

YQ, YQW: light rubber sheathed cables for light mobile electrical equipment and tools
YZ, YZW: medium sized rubber sheathed cables for various mobile electrical equipment and tools
YCW, YC: heavy duty rubber sheathed cables for various mobile electrical equipment, which can withstand large external mechanical forces
YHF, YH: special connection line and cable for electric welding machine
H05RR-F: Universal rubber sheathed flexible cable for connecting medium voltage electrical equipment

Rubber-sheathed cables are widely used in a variety of electrical equipment, such as portable power cords for household appliances, motors, electrical equipment and appliances, and can be used in indoor or outdoor environmental conditions.
According to the mechanical external force of the cable, the product structure is divided into three categories: light, medium and heavy, and also have appropriate connections in the cross-section. General light rubber cable is used for household appliances and small appliances, requiring soft, lightweight, good bending performance.
In addition industrial medium-sized rubber cable. Widely used in agricultural electrification. Heavy-duty cables are used for port machinery, searchlights, large hydraulic drainage stations in family businesses, etc. This type of product has good generality, complete series specifications and stable performance.

The full name of rubber-sheathed cable is heavy-duty general-purpose rubber-sheathed flexible cable, which is a kind of rubber-sheathed cable. YC cable is suitable for household appliances, power tools and various mobile electrical equipment or light mobile electrical equipment with AC rated voltage below 450/750V, or for temporary construction on construction sites, and can withstand greater mechanical external forces. The long-term allowable working temperature of the core should not exceed 60°C.


Product structure: conductor made of Multi Strands of thin copper wire, covered with rubber insulation and rubber sheath.
Mechanical properties: it can bear the drag force of large mechanical external force, and the sheath has high elasticity and strength.
Features: cold resistance - 35 ℃, oil resistance, wear resistance, etc. W-type sheathed cable has high weatherability and oil resistance.

-ZR type cable has flame retardant properties.

The rubber sheathed flexible cable comes in coils or drum