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Welding Rubber Cable

Release time:2021-05-15

Cable - Welding Equipment & Accessories, Allied Wire & Cable

The welding machine cable is a neoprene sheath with heat resistance, oil resistance and non-flammable performance. This product is suitable for the secondary side wiring and connection of the welding machine with AC voltage not exceeding 200V and pulsating DC peak 400V. The maximum working temperature of the cable is 65℃.

Technical para m e t e r :
Working voltage: 450/750V
Test voltage: 1000V
Small bending radius:
H01N2-D: 12 x cable outer diameter
H01N2-E: 10 x cable outer diameter
Operating temperature:
Mobile installation: -25℃ to + 80℃
Fixed installation: -40℃ to + 80℃
Flame retardant: in accordance with IEC 60332-1

Product structure:
-Conductive core:
The flexibility requirements of electric drill cables and mining machinery cables are relatively high. The conductor structure adopts the following measures:
1. Thin-diameter soft copper single wire, bundled and stranded with small pitch. The bending and torsion of the entire cable is also affected by the insulation and sheath structure. It cannot be considered that the thinner the single line, the smaller the spacing, the better.
2. The same direction cluster twist and compound twist method can be used to improve flexibility.
3. In order to facilitate the relative sliding of the wires in the insulating layer, it is convenient to install and maintain. The wire monofilament of the electric drill cable and the small cross-section mining machine cable should be tin-plated, and the large cross-section mining machine cable should be insulated with paper tape.
- Insulation:
Adequate electrical insulation is required:
1. Use rubber with a rubber content of not less than 35%;
2. The insulation thickness is thicker than ordinary rubber sheathed cables.
3. Use rubber with good electrical properties and good rubber extrusion technology (such as a continuous rubber extrusion and vulcanization production line).
- Shield:

The shielding layer is made of semiconductor rubber, and its transition resistance should meet the requirements of the standard to ensure the reliable operation of the relay protection system in an accident state.

Cable characteristics:

1. YH cable is a middle seat under the condition of low voltage (high voltage is 200V) and high current, which requires a certain degree of endurance.
2. Long-term allowable working temperature should not exceed 65℃
3. The motor lead cable frequently moves, twists and casts, which requires flexibility and good bending performance.
4. It is easy to be scratched and rubbed by sharp steel components during the release, so the cable insulation is required to have good mechanical properties such as tear resistance and abrasion resistance.
5. The use environment is complicated, such as sunlight, water boiling, contact with muddy water, machine oil, acid and alkali liquids, etc., which require a certain degree of weather resistance, oil resistance, and solvent resistance.