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AACSR Aluminum Bare Conductor

Release time:2021-05-15

AACSR / All Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced

Compared with conventional steel-core aluminum stranded wire, the all-aluminum alloy conductor steel reinforcement has high tensile strength, light weight, good creep resistance and good sagging performance. When erecting lines, our AACSR can help reduce tower height, expand span and reduce cost.

All-aluminum conductor steel reinforcement is used for large span transmission lines installed in a variety of severe weather conditions such as snow, ice, and storms. AACSR provides optimum strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding allows the required strength to be achieved without sacrificing load capacity.

ASTM B 711, IEC 61089, DIN 48206, etc.

AACSR bare aluminum conductors are concentric stranded conductors consisting of one or more layers of 6201-T81 aluminum alloy wire stranded with a high strength coated steel core. Cores can be single or stranded, depending on size. The ratio of aluminum alloy to steel can be varied to obtain good current carrying capacity and mechanical strength, making our all-aluminum alloy conductors steel reinforced best suited for a variety of applications. Additional corrosion protection can be obtained by applying grease to the core wire or by injecting grease throughout the cable.

Extended information:
Bare wires are the most basic category of wire and cable products. Some products of bare wires can be used as conductive wires of wires and cables; the other products are used as components in equipment such as motors, electrical appliances, and transformers. In addition, bare wires can be used directly in the power, communications, and transportation sectors to transmit electrical energy and information. Bare wires should have good electrical conductivity and physical and mechanical properties.
Bare wires have only conductors, but no insulation and sheath structure.
Bare wires can be divided into bare copper wires, bare aluminum wires, bare aluminum wires, bimetallic wires, etc. according to their materials. According to the shape and structure, it can be divided into: round single wire, bare stranded wire, soft wiring rain and profiled wire, etc.

Precautions for storage:
(1) Bare wires are afraid of moisture and chemical corrosion. They should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. It is strictly forbidden to store them together with acid-base substances, corrosive solids and gases. The relative humidity in the warehouse shall not be greater than 70%.
(2) Do not overlap unpackaged copper wires and aluminum wires to avoid electrochemical effects and corrosion of aluminum wires.
(3) Bare wires should be protected from mechanical damage during storage and transportation, and various molded wires should be avoided from twisting and folding.
(4) Bare wires packed in coils should be placed upright. When coils of bare wires are stacked, they should be stacked with stows. The height of the stack should be 1.5-2m. The shape of the stack must be neat to avoid collapse. The width is preferably 2 rolls for easy inspection.
(5) Bare wires must be inspected regularly to prevent corrosion and deterioration during storage.