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Earthing Wire

Release time:2021-08-18
Product description:
In electrical appliances, the grounding wire is a line that is connected to the housing of electrical equipment and other parts to timely lead out unsafe electric charges or leakage currents generated due to various reasons.
(1) The function of the high-voltage grounding wire: The high-voltage grounding wire is used for wiring and substation construction to prevent electrostatic induction or electric shock caused by nearby charged objects or to ensure safety when it is accidentally closed.
(2) High-voltage grounding wire structure: The portable high-voltage grounding wire consists of an insulated operating rod, a wire clamp, a short-circuit wire, a grounding wire, a grounding terminal, a bus clamp, and a grounding clamp.
(3) High-voltage grounding wire production technology: excellent production technology-wire clamps and grounding clamps are made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting; operating rods are made of epoxy resin colored tubes, which have good insulation performance, high strength, light weight, bright colors, and appearance Smooth; the grounding soft copper wire is made of multiple strands of high-quality soft copper wire, and covered with a soft, high-temperature-resistant transparent insulating sheath, which can prevent the grounding copper wire from being worn during use, and the copper wire can meet the fatigue test requirements. Ensure the safety of operators in operation.
(4) Grounding wire specifications: According to the regulations issued by the Ministry, the grounding wire must be made of bare copper flexible wire over 25mm 2.

Technical parameter:
(1) 10KV high voltage grounding wire Insulated rod part length: 700 mm Handshake part length: 300 mm Metal joint part length: 50 mm Number of sections: 1 Rod diameter: 30mm Total length (excluding wire clamps): 1050 mm
(2) 35KV grounding wire Nominal section: 25mm² Total number: 810 Average diameter (mm): 0.2mm Calculated section: (mm ²): 25.43 Length of metal joint part: 50 mm Number of sections: 1 Rod diameter: 30mm

(3) 110KV high voltage ground wire nominal section: 35mm² total number of wires: 1136 average diameter (mm): 0.2mm calculated section: (mm²): 35.67 insulation rod part length: 1360 mm handshake part length: 700 mm metal joint part length :140 mm Number of sections: 2 Rod diameter: 30mm Total length (excluding clamps): 2200 mm

Instructions for use:
(1) When hanging the grounding wire: connect the grounding clamp first, and then connect the electric clamp; when removing the grounding wire, you must first remove the electric clamp and then the ground clamp according to the procedure.
(2) Installation: Fix the double-eye copper nose of the grounding soft copper wire to the corresponding position of the electrical connection clip on the grounding rod (the electrical connection clip has fixed and movable types), and connect the single-eye copper nose on the grounding wire. It is fixed on the grounding clamp or ground pin to form a complete grounding wire.
(3) Verify that the voltage level of the ground rod is consistent with the voltage level of the operating equipment.
(4) The grounding soft copper wire has split-phase type and combined type, and the grounding rod has flat mouth type and double spring hook type clamp.