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Company profile

Zhongtian Cable Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of wires and cables.

The company has a group of high-quality scientific and technological elites dedicated to the production and research and development of cable products.

The production range of products covers more than 1,000 types of wires with more than 1,000 specifications, such as 35KV and below cross-linked cables, power cables, control cables, flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables, low-smoke and halogen-free cables, pre-branched cables, rubber-sheathed cables, aluminum alloy cables, etc. Cable products.
Our company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 environmental management system certification in the industry, implements scientific management, has advanced production technology, modern production and testing equipment, and continuously increases technological upgrading and product development to ensure the company's production technology and product quality Keep the industry outstanding.

The company's many series of products have been widely used in my country's electric power, minerals, petrochemical, urban construction, public transportation, real estate development and other fields.

Being strict with oneself and keeping promises are our unchanging beliefs.
We will cherish the interests of our customers even more, grasp the pulse of the market in real time, innovate, and take the existing achievements as a new starting point to create a bright future for the electric power industry with you.